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The Bunny and The Butterfly

A little girl is hunting butterflies when she comes across a bunny rabbit and a butterfly
The Bunny and the Butterfly or On the Tip of the Bunny Rabbit's Nose

On the tip of the bunny rabbit's nose

I love tapping into my creativity in unexpected ways. Usually, I'm going about my day when a flash of something just pops into my head unexpectedly. I keep a note on my phone for just such occasions. For example back in February I was at work when suddenly I had a vision of a butterfly on the the tip of a bunny rabbit's nose. I don't know what I was thinking of at the time but it was a very clear vision. So I wrote it down. Sometimes these thought stay in my notes for an indefinite amount of time. Other times I can't get them out of my head and I become a bit obsessive about the image.

Love of Animals

If you look at my personal work, you will often see animals incorporated in some way. I was raised to love all God's creatures and I really try to take that to heard. Even, the gross ones. There might be one particular insect that when encountered I scream my head off, and no it's not a spider. In fact, spiders are super cool and some of my happiest memories of my childhood are the summer evening spent with a flashlight in hand looking for beautiful spider webs.

Hunting Butterflies

Which is how I came up with the concept for The Bunny and the Butterfly. I wasn't sure at first how to include my vision of the butterfly on the tip of a bunny rabbit's nose until I thought of those long ago spider hunts. I imagined myself as a little girl, so curious about our world, looking and observing nature. I also thought of that childhood magic and wonder. During these ponderings and musing I had a vision of a little girl with a butterfly net, a glint in her eye, whispering to the bunny to be quiet, so she could catch the butterfly.

Getting the Shot

Once a concept is fully formed in my head it's all I can think about until I am able to start shooting. This usually leave me very impatient to get started. Having no rabbits of my own I immediately put out a model call for bunnies and I found some really adorable ones. I then booked ticket to a local butterfly exhibit, and finally set up a photo shoot with my daughter in the Lower Arroyo Seco her in Pasadena. Sometimes a creative concept just doesn't work out but this one came together beautifully and I am so happy with the results of The Bunny and the Butterfly or On the Tip of the Bunny Rabbit's Nose.

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