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The Spread the Love Campaign

If you've been hanging around my site or social media for any period of time you know that mission of Bug and Bird Photography is to celebrate you! BTW, that is with a huge exclamation point! When I was younger, I never really felt like I was seen. It took me many years to realize that I don't need other's to tell me I'm worthy, I just need to see it in myself. It is from that realization that the motto of Bug and Bird Photography was born.

When you are very young,

you don’t realize how beautiful you are.

When you become a mommy,

you long to rid yourself of the body that carried a child.

When you are middle aged,

you look back and long for the beauty of your youth.

When you are beyond it all,

you think no one sees any beauty in you any more.

What you need to remember is...

You are amazing.

Your body is wonderful.

Your beauty exists at every stage of life.


You deserve to exist in photos.

When I was given the opportunity to participate in The Traveling Dress from Shuggarreign the only requirements where to "choose a deserving girl then photograph her and share her story, be creative, have fun and make beautiful images". I knew immediately I wanted to put it out to my followers and have them nominate someone who they felt needed to be shown how amazing and beautiful they are. They would get a custom photo session from me that included styling, hair, makeup and of course the divine traveling dress. From that I picked two women who I felt really needed this opportunity. Unfortunately one of them had to cancel due to a family issue. I hope that I can still photograph her soon and honor the very sweet nomination her husband sent in. The other woman was self nominated, in fact it's the reason I chose her. I applaud the bravery it takes to say I need this!

Meredith shared how she felt she had lost herself after some abusive relationships. She didn't feel like she had great self-esteem or self love and wanted to feel beautiful again. Part of this was so she could be a role model for her daughters and teach them to love themselves and not allow others to put them down. After reading her testimonial I knew she was the woman to pick. She deserved to be celebrated.

She came in on the day of her session happy and excited. My makeup artist, Mila, suggested we do a 1940's Veronica Lake inspired style to match the sleek glamour of the traveling dress. During the entire session Meredith would tell us how much she was enjoying the experience that she just wanted to stay in the moment and experience everything. As a photographer that celebrate women, that has to be one of the best things I could hear. The photos are everything I hoped they would be. I know Meredith and her daughters will treasure them forever.

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