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Playing Among the Stars

I started learning photography because I had children. I wanted to be able to capture all the moments and capture them well. The great thing about this type of learning is that it's on the spot and you learn to recognize the beauty in everyday moments. But, you can also quickly get caught up in the picture. I'd say I became quite obsessive for awhile. Thankful my kids were still very young during this time and don't remember when mommy was very crazy with her camera.

After about two years of learning photography I decided to start Bug and Bird, named after my children. All I knew was children's photography and the frenzied struggle to capture toddlers at their best. As I started my fledgling business a small realization started to creep into my mind that I did not find joy in taking pictures of young children. As I pushed forward, doing my best to ignore that little voice a photographer friend mentioned in passing this woman called Sue Bryce and the rest, as they say, is history. I still photograph children, just in a more controlled setting. I love capturing mothers and children, especially mother's and daughters.

Since most parents want more tradition photos of their children my daughter has become my creative muse. A few times a year she is game enough to sit for me. We've played among flowers, forced our cat to pose, and most recently played among the stars. We put this portrait on her me board when she was star of the week and all her little pre-k classmates wanted to know if she was holding a real star. Her reply was, "my mommy knows magic". I love that I could create this magical picture for her.

Girl-on-the-moon, Girl-in-the-stars, Playing-In-Stars

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