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Confession Time: I Love Instagram

One of the first things you will learn about me is that I love social media. I like interacting with people, learning about their lives and sharing mine. I have a Facebook that I use often, I am an almost daily tweeter, and I tried Snapchat but had a hard time loving it. While Snapchat still wins at filters my favorite social media is by far Instagram. I love it so much that I have three accounts! One for my personal life where I share my family and sometimes over share weekend shenanigans. I have another one for my day job as a school librarian and the third for Bug and Bird Photography. Each is a little different and I love them all!


Side note: two thoughts...

1.) Originally, I started to write an entirely different blog post but I quickly realized that what I was writing is more of a love letter to Instagram than anything else.

2.) Somewhere in the very long journey that was my formal education I had a teacher lament on the fact that the English language only has one word for love. While other languages, such as Greek have multiple words for love. You see I sat for a little bit trying to figure out another way to say I love Instagram. Because really I don't LOVE it like I LOVE my family. I don't even love it like I love food or makeup. But I do really enjoy the Instagram experience. That is it's own kind of love and I just don't have a word for it.


Anyway, maybe my love for Instagram stems from the fact that it is a quick and easy way to share your life. Maybe it's because Insta-stories is so fantastic and only getting better all the time. Maybe it's because Instagram seems to be largely un-political, so far. Not that I'm afraid of politics, because I'm not. When it comes down to it there is something kind of cool about sitting down for a moment and scrolling through people's lives via pictures and videos.

I know that everyone's Instagram's are probably very rose colored versions of their lives and I am 100% a-ok with that since I believe in putting your best foot forward. As long as we all keep perspective and remember that what people show on social media is only a small part of their lives I don't have a problem liking and commenting on what people do choose to show.

Case in point, my 2017 Best Nine. Isn't it pretty!

My 9 best from 2017

Confession: My daughter left her PEZ dispenser and two packs of candy sitting on my desk. I've been staring at it as I write this post. It finally got the best of me. I just opened one pack and ate the candy. No, I did not put it in the dispenser. I don't know if she will notice. This is not something I would share on Instagram. Although, if I had it might have been kind of funny.

Actually, I could see a whole Instagram story built around the overwhelming urge of a mother to eat her daughter's PEZ.

Such a missed opportunity!


You see, I am a story teller at heart. I do love the written word but I think I might LOVE the stories a picture has to tell. Since that is what Instagram is all about I makes sense that I might have a bit of a love affair with this particular social media. Being able to transfer that love to my business has made what I do much more fun.

Something I've started on my Bug and Bird Instagram is my Celebrate Women campaign. I plan on writing more about this in a separate post but essentially I want to feature women I encounter in my daily life. While I love a good dress up session with hair and makeup I also like the idea of showing women as they are. Remember when I said I believe in putting your best food forward? It's true, I really do. But, there are so many times I'm out and about and I see a woman who just has this awesome vibe about her. I've discovered that every time I approach them they usually are very interesting people, with hopes, dreams and something special about them.

I also find joy in using Instagram stories. Sometimes it's a quick post of my life. Boomerang only enhances the fun! For example

Other times I like to feature behind the scenes of a photo shoot. It's fantastic that I can tag my clients and let them in on the fun. With filters, GIF's, hashtags and locations it is so easy to bring the experience of a Bug and Bird Photo shoot to their family and friends. My clients love that they can show off their covergirl experience.

And that dear friends is my love affair with Instagram. Come follow me @BugandBirdPhotography to see my #celebratewomen campaign, behind the scenes of photo shoots, and things I'm doing around Pasadena and sometimes beyond. I'd love to hear from you over there so don't hesitate to give me a shout out!

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