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What is a Covergirl Session

I've had some people ask me what I mean when I say covergirl session. I've used different terms over the years for the type of session I offer: glamour, vanity fair style, portrait session. Finally covergirl seemed to stick for me. This is because my ultimate goal for these sessions is to help you feel like the beautiful gorgeous woman you are. I wan't you to walk away from your session feeling pampered, beautiful and with photos that will make your loved ones stop and say WOW! Every single woman deserves to be celebrated and that is exactly what Bug and Bird Photography is all about!

We start with an in-person, phone, or Skype consultation to talk about the type of portrait session you want and how to prepare for it. During our chat I like to get to know you. It's important to me that your true self shines through and I recognize not everyone is a glamour girl. We will also discuss location, clothes styling, and who you would like to be photographed with. Some women like to do the session all on their own, while others want their significant other, children, family or friends involved. No matter what you choose the session will be specialized for you.

One the day of your shoot you will come in for the ultimate in pampering. You will be treated to hair and makeup by a professional makeup artist. This is meant to help you feel as beautiful as you are. You will then have a two hour portrait session that includes gentle coaching in poses that flatter you and make you feel beautiful and confident. I always suggest that you plan to go out afterward for a night on the town to show off your fabulous self.

Soon after your session we will gather for a private reveal and order session to see your beautifully finished portraits as well as a video of your day. There is no obligation to buy and you only purchase what you like. Most people fall in love with their images and want to take them all. I promise to help you decide with no pressure on my end. I only want you to be happy and confident in your decision to purchase images that your loved ones will treasure forever.

I recently did one of these sessions myself with the fabulous Ashleigh Taylor. I choose to include my mother, grandmother and daughter in the session. I wanted a generations portrait with the remarkable women that are my mother and grandmother. I wanted an image for my daughter to look up to. I wanted us all to feel fabulous and beautiful. I love that I did the session, I love that I have these photos to pass down. When you choose to celebrate you with a covergirl session you will love it too.

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